man with dentures

When several teeth or all of the teeth are missing, a partial or full denture can be made to replace them and restore aesthetics and function. This form of restorative treatment is removable, and it’s advisable to remove it routinely overnight. Dentures are custom made in conjunction with a local dental laboratory. The process of making a new denture may take up to 5 appointments, however, in some instances an “immediate denture” can be made in a very short amount of time.

Through wear and tear over time or through accidental damage, dentures may chip or crack and require repair. In addition, changes to the shape of the mouth due to ageing can cause dentures to become loose, and may require a reline to improve the fit. Repairs and relines can be done within the same day or the next dayto minimize time without the denture.

Veteran Affairs

At Healthy Smiles we are always happy and honored to welcome veterans to our practice. Simply bring in your DVA Gold or White card with you and advise our receptionist when making your appointment.

You can make an appointment without a referral from your doctor.

We look forward to being of service to you.